Unix vs windows

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Linux vs Windows: What's the Difference?

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32 Bit Vs 64 Bit Windows OS: What Is The Difference? How To Choose?

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Windows Interview Questions

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Unix and Linux commands help

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I do understand difference between automatic, automatic (delayed) and man. Question: I am new to Linux and I need to know the similarities between Windows DOS commands and the equivalent UNIX/Linux wowinternetdirectory.com there a quick reference for comparing Windows DOS and UNIX Linux commands?

Answer: There are commands that do the same things in Windows DOS and from the command prompt as in UNIX, they?re just different syntax. DB2 FAQ: This document contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the product DB2 for Linux UNIX and Windows.

This FAQ covers DB2 Versions 8.x,, & I installed DB2 LUW on AIX platform recently. Are there any known issues with DB2 on AIX which I need to be aware of?

Windows DOS vs. Unix commands

OR I. This is interesting to me for historical reasons. In roughly I was a member of the Postgres group at UC Berkeley. Although I was the group's system manager, just for fun I ported an early version of PostgreSQL to Windows NT. Since Windowsthe whoami command has been part of the standard command line (thanks to pk for clearing that up in comments!).

Unix vs. Microsoft Windows: How system designs reflect security philosophy

You can do this: Open a command prompt and type "set" then hit enter. This shows active environment variables.

Current logged on username is stored in the USERNAME env variable and your domain is stored in the USERDOMAIN variable. Which text editors (free or commercial) handle character encoding and Windows/Unix line breaks properly?

Unix vs windows
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