Odwalla juice recall crisis

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Odwalla Juice Recall Crisis

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Odwalla's juice, because of production costs, is "typically sold at prices higher than most other juice products", and the price of the juice can vary over time because of weather or disease affecting the supply of fruit and vegetables. Odwalla's sugar content can be even higher than Coca-Cola's.

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Moreover, our primary indicator of overall quality was daily bacteria-level readings, which were relatively low and decreasing in apple juice” Outbreak and subsequent recall On October 30,health officials from the state of Washington informed Odwalla that they had found a link between an outbreak of the E.

oli OH7 bacterium and a batch of Odwalla’s fresh apple juice produced on October 7. Nov 01,  · California-based Odwalla Inc., the maker of Odwalla fruit juices, issued a nationwide recall Wednesday of all its products containing apple juice after health officials linked it to an outbreak of E.

coli bacterial poisoning. The company, based in Half Moon Bay, California, also is recalling its carrot and vegetable juices as a precaution. History Origin. Odwalla was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in by Greg Steltenpohl, Gerry Percy, and Bonnie Bassett.

Odwalla's production facility is in Dinuba, wowinternetdirectory.com trio took the idea of selling fruit juices from a business guidebook, and they began by squeezing orange juice with a secondhand juicer in a shed in Steltenpohl's .

Odwalla juice recall crisis
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