Monetary policy prescription to reduce or eliminate deflation

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Debunking Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) & Understanding it First

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Deflation and Monetary Policy

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David Rossi, a year-old communications director at the world’s oldest bank, Italian Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which was on the brink of collapse due to heavy losses in the derivatives market in the financial crisis, fell to his death on March 6, In economics, deflation is a decrease in the general price level of goods and services.

Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below 0% (a negative inflation rate).Inflation reduces the value of currency over time, but deflation increases it. This allows one to buy more goods and services than before with the same amount of currency.

What are some of the damaging effects deflation has on an economy? What would be a monetary policy prescription to reduce or eliminate deflation? This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse.

Our national debt is rapidly approaching 21 trillion dollars, and yet Congress wants to follow up a large tax cut bill with a massive increase in federal spending.

The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World

The basic prescription for preventing deflation is therefore straightforward, at least in principle: Use monetary and fiscal policy as needed to support aggregate spending, in a manner as nearly consistent as possible with full utilization of economic resources and low and stable inflation.

Monetary policy prescription to reduce or eliminate deflation
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