Japanese handwriting app iphone

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8 Great Free Apps for Studying Japanese

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Best Handwriting Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Now switch to any app that matters text input. iPhone app. Ideal User: Beginner Japanese (or other language) learner; world traveler; customer service representative.

This unique piece of software is an essential multi-language translation app and one of the most impressive on this list. This app is on a short list of those that enable you to study by writing kanji with a finger or iPhone stylus.

I'm attracted to this study method because one of the best Japanese study apps I've ever owned utilized this approach--King Kanji for the old-school Windows mobile pocket PC platform (e.g. iPaq). Jun 11,  · This is Japanese(Kana, Kanji) handwriting recognition app.

Also you can use dictionary website link.(jisho, google and custom site) - High and fast recognition rate.4/5(). Some dictionary apps and other websites or programs have a built-in handwriting keyboard, but having one as part of your phone keyboard can be useful as well.

If your phone does not seem to have a Japanese handwriting keyboard, check to see if it has a Chinese handwriting keyboard and.

(Japanese dictionary). “imiwa?” in Japanese translates to “what is the meaning?” in English. First download the iPhone/iPad app imiwa? (Japanese dictionary), it is the best free Japanese dictionary I have used. There is a separate app for iPhone and iPad. But if you ever want the full range of input (kanji, kana, alphabet, numerals, symbols, etc) and the ability to use it in all apps, as far as I can tell Mazec is the only thing out there.

These days the only two keyboards I have active on my iPad are Mazec for Japanese and Path Input for English.

Japanese handwriting app iphone
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