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External Affairs

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Section 51(xxix) of the Constitution of Australia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Section 51(xxix) of the According to Chief Justice Barwick in Seas and Submerged Lands Case, the external affairs power extends to anything "which in its nature is external to" Australia.

Section 51(xxix) of the Constitution of Australia

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Section 51(xxix) of the Constitution of Australia

Appalachian Power is committed to operating as a good citizen of the communities where it does business. Our experienced External Affairs Managers live and work in these communities, serving as Appalachian Power's local contacts with community, governmental and business leaders.

Extended external affairs power to include territorial sea; Commnowealth Parliament can rely on the external affairs power to legislate with regards to the Australian continental shelf.

“It is international intercourse between nation states which is the substance of a nation's external affairs”. Appalachian Power is committed to operating as a good citizen of the communities where it does business.

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Our experienced External Affairs Managers live and work in these communities, serving as Appalachian Power's local contacts with community, governmental and business leaders. If you're a member of a local government or with a non-profit and need services that our External Affairs Managers can help with, use the map to contact the appropriate manager for your area.

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External affairs power
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