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The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children

See your account dashboard to find your unique referral code, or contact us. Management of Information and Records Division. Administers the Pima County Records Management Program. This division provides internal records services only and does not accept public requests.

The Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children (Children’s Code) is designed to complement the general principles for ethical advertising outlined in the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, which applies to all advertising.

Both codes are published and administered by. Broadcast Sheet Decoder broadcast sheet available, or if you don't have that, the tag on the drivers side fender top, in the engine compartment will code Description code Description Code Description B02 9x" front drums 72 C34 front seat shield D36 HD A A BroadcastReceiver is an Android app component that responds to system-wide broadcast announcements.

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Imagine an event like external power being connected/disconnected from the device, screen turning on/off, battery getting low or picture captured.

Broadcast code
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