Benefits of ptptn

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A good solution to default repayment in PTPTN student loan is to educate graduates to plan their financial. There is little evidence of conscientiously counseling students about the implications and responsibilities of their loans, either before the borrowing, during the university years, or just before departure when the repayment obligation should begin.

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UPM Alumni Intelligent System is a web portal will be developed by the Alumni Centre to collect and update data and profile of the alumni of portal is intended to ensure that the information and alumni profiles are always current, active and easily accessible for the purpose of announcements and to publicise activities /programs organised by UPM.

What You Need to Know About PTPTN Loans. by on September 15, | Top Stories What is a PTPTN loan? The National Higher Education Fund (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi National, PTPTN) was set up with the aim of providing education loans to students pursuing their studies at local higher education.

The School of Engineering at APU is one of our fastest growing schools and is gaining popularity among school leavers. This is because all the four engineering programmes offered by the School are current in terms of technology and are market driven, thus having great employment opportunities.

Benefits of ptptn
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