A cultural journey

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Rebillot's Hero's Journey, a broad rite of passage in the form of a way-long workshop, involves participants enacting their own composed heroine's or hero's journey, embodying the same archetypes detailed in Campbell's Hero's Sand inner heroic figure, cumbersome demon, spirit guide, etc.


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Hero's journey

It was appearance for them to see some of the students and the joys I lexicon regularly. With all the problems facing this country, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.

(D-IL) finds time to deliver a speech on the House floor (with props!) decrying the Apple iPad as a job killer. Maui Arts & Cultural Center Box Office: SHOW () One Cameron Way Kahului, HI Administrative Office: ARTS () Office hours: am - pm Mon - Fri.


Welcome to the online Resource Center of the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (National DEC). Our goal is to provide a variety of useful tools, information, and articles to anyone who wants to learn more about protecting the country’s drug endangered children.

“Cultural competence is a complex concept, and the authors provide a loose framework for cultural competence while presenting sufficient structure to allow the reader/practitioner to. Prayers for the dying can be such a comfort at the end of life: for the dying ones and their family members, as well as friends and caregivers.

Let’s call her Whitney. And maybe she’ll grow up to save the world one English lesson at a time.

The CB Radio Craze (1970’s)

My parents had no idea of the road I’d take them on over the years on as I’ve grown, changed, made mistakes, needed help, changed my mind, explored new roads, stayed on some of the same roads, changed my mind again. and so far have not produced any grandkids for them.

A cultural journey
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